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Privacy Policy

When you visit our website session cookies containing a name you provide will be created if you interact with the live chat feature. Your IP address is collected by our hosting provider and we are provided with the geographical area the IP address is assigned to.

When you sign up to our mailing list we collect your e-mail address to send our regular newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time through the link at the bottom of our e-mails, or by reaching out to us via e-mail to, via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook messaging, or through our website chat functionality.

When you register for one of our events your e-mail address and name are collected and passed to our Webinar host to create your registration invitation. Unless you choose to opt in to our mailing list during this process your information is not used for any other purpose. If you watch through one of our livestreaming channels, or a pre-recorded event, we do not collect any personal data. Platform providers for our streaming channels may collect, store, and process data for their own purposes and you should review their privacy policies to understand these.

If you are making a voluntary donation then our payment processor will collect and process essential payment information.

Personal data we collect is processed by the following data processors for the purposes listed above:

  • Wix – geographic location and session cookies

  • Mailchimp – e-mail address and name for newsletter and announcements

  • Eventbrite – e-mail address and name for registration to events and details required for payments as our payment processor

  • Zapier – e-mail address and name for integration between Eventbrite and Zoom

  • Zoom – e-mail address and name for registration to webinars

We will not share with or sell your data to any third party for any reason.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us via, or through any of our social media channels.

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